The World's First LEED CERTIFIED Bowling Alley


Building on the long-standing tradition of the Wetlands Preserve, Brooklyn Bowl is committed to sustainable development and L.E.E.D. Certification.  Infinite thanks to GreenOrder, who facilitated and advised us on all of our greening efforts that include:

* 100% Wind-powered electricity

* Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC) Chain of Custody controlled wood

* Pin-spotters use 75% less energy than a typical pin-spotter

* No bottles, no cans.  All our soft drinks and beers are on tap.

* Our 10 draught beers are all brewed locally in Brooklyn, New York.

* LED stage lights use 90% less energy than the typical draw

* Energy Star Certification wherever possible

* HVAC Johnson Controls are the most efficient units available

* HVAC also features CO2 sensors, variable frequency drive motors, air-side economizers.

* Four “Big Ass Fans” brand ten-foot fans to augment HVAC system

* 100% reclaimed cork floors in Bowler’s Lounge

* Stage floor is 100% recycled truck tires

* 30+ capacity bike racks

* 16 trees planted in and around property