Meet Brooklynites: Awesome New Web Series


Give a warm welcome to ‘Brooklynites‘ —  a wonderfully quirky and hilarious new 7-episode series that made its recent debut on the world wide web!

And want in on a little known secret? More than half the cast and crew works right here at the Bowl with music played by artists and bands that have graced our stage (we’ll let you guess who)! Turns out when they’re not at the Bowl, they’re off pursuing and collaborating on their creative talents as actors, musicians, filmmakers, aerialists even — and the list goes on.

 If you haven’t watched the episodes, get to it already! It’s a tale of 20-somethings figuring out the ropes of ‘adulthood’ while going about their daily lives in Brooklyn — all of which is inspired by the real-life stories of the actors themselves. Naughty, adventurous, humorous, and heartwarming only begin to grasp the heart and soul of the series. Not to mention, almost all the locations are shot right in our lovely backyard, within the Williamsburg and Greenpoint radius. Underneath it all, it’s a celebration of youth in Brooklyn and our community that ties it all together.

Below is a list of the episodes that have aired so far (plus 5 more to go):

 Ep. 1: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Ep. 2: Back on the Horse, Hombre

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And don’t forget to tune in to ‘Brooklynites’ every Sunday to catch the stuff that’s “so funny you’ll shart your skinny jeans.”

We dig & we’re stoked!

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