Welcome to BrooklynBowl.com!

Hello Rock. And Rollers!

Brooklyn Bowl is not open for business yet, but here in Williamsburg, we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the first looks at the Brooklyn Bowl website. We’re just getting the site off the ground, so you’ll be able to see it evolve as we roll it out (you really can’t help but make bowling puns) as we build towards the soft launch.

We’ll be announcing the public opening of the soft launch to our mailing list, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace friends, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do so now to be the first to know when we’re open to the public!  Look out for an announcement within the next couple weeks.

The current landing page is our Blog, where you are now.  Here we’ll be keeping you up-to-the-minute on all things Brooklyn Bowl, and plenty of shenanigans to boot. Once we’re ready to announce our first shows, we’ll launch our homepage and calendar section.

Stay tuned for lots more to come. We look forward to rolling with you!

Until then,

~Team BB

Brooklyn Bowl :: Pre-opening Team Photo

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